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I had the privilege of being raised by Mama, my grandma, Hyacinth Patterson, who inspired the creation of ELEVATED Living. Mama always said ‘accept only the best from yourself and inspire the same in others.’  I have committed myself to doing just that by living and sharing the 7 practices she taught me to SUCCEED, and have done so successfully for over 30 years, with thousands of my clients.    It is my profound honour to share these with you though the development of your mindfulness, self-reflection and conversations skills.

Thank you for allowing me into your space, head and heart and the opportunity to be a part of your ELEVATED Living.

Stay ELEVATED and live in your excellence.

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Benefits Of Membership:

Making Excellence A habit

The constant demand on our time and attention, can leave us feeling stretched and stressed. By infusing ELEVATED
Living into our day to day lives we can significantly reduce that stress, and bring our best selves to every situation.

Sophia Bishop Professional business coaching

I've Been Where You Are

“Throughout my more than 30 year career. I’ve had the privilege of working with executives, educators, parents, entrepreneurs and leaders, from varying backgrounds and all walks of life. The greatest desire and challenged they have faced is how to live and lead in a way that embodies their personal values.”
The tension between their values and the demands of their personal and professional lives. Often has them cutting corners, compromising, changing or even negating things that truly matter to them.
The solution to this problem inspired the creation of the  ELEVATED Living Academy.  Membership provides tools, training, coaching, and a like-minded community. I invite you to join us and develop your sustainable Personal BEST Action plan. Start your journey where you live and lead with your values, making excellence your habit so you can look, feel, and be your best self.”

How It Works


 Join our ELEVATED Living Network and get connected with your personal EXCELLENCE Factor – tools, talk  and transformative experiences that will bring out the best in you.


Immerse yourself in building Habits of Excellence that are effective and sustainable.

  • Learn the art of mindfulness and self-reflection to live and lead with calm and clarity even through challenging times
  • Increase  your emotional intelligence and enhance your critical thinking skills so you can make healthier and better decisions in your personal and professional life. 
  • Practice the power of effective out-come based communication to enhance your relationships at home and work


Apply the knowledge you’ve received and  LIVE, LEAD, SUCCEED

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Courses & Training

Mindful SELF-CARE Practices to De-STRESS and ELEVATE Your Life

Methodology - You Receive:

- Self assessment tools
- 3 months of Self-care Excellence and Tools to start and maintain your new habit.
- Personal BEST Action Plan
Expected Outcome:

- Reduced stress and increased personal fulfillment
- Enhanced personal effectiveness and sense of control in your personal and professional life
- Guilt-free clarity, focus, and achievement of goals

Mindfulness, Self-reflection, and Critical Thinking to Help Black youth Succeed in School and Life

Expected Outcome will be tools and skills that are transferrable to all areas of life and enhanced

- Personal effectiveness and Self-regulation
- Self-compassion and Decision making
- Work habits and Learning skills
- Self-identity and Confidence

Mindful LIFE ALIGNMENT: How To Consistently Live and Lead with Your Values

Methodology - You Receive:

- Self assessment tools
- 3 months of Personal Effectiveness Tools to start and maintain your new habit..
- Personal BEST Action Plan
Expected Outcome: Life Alignment so you Live and lead with your values

- Greater understanding of your authentic self and how to leverage your strength to achieve your goals
- Greater clarity and focus in all aspects of your life
- Integration of your values and principles to facilitate proven effective practices of success in both your personal and professional life.
- Greater clarity, focus, and achievement of goals
- Less stress and a more holistic and fulfilling life

Counteracting Unconscious Bias

Despite decades of legal and social reform aimed at reducing discrimination in the workplace, inequality continues to be a significant problem in all societies and most workplaces. Identify the perceptual and psychological factors that impact the way that individuals interact with people who are demographically dissimilar from them. You will examine the social and psychological factors that impact decision making within organizations and identify how you can design better work practices and help to more effectively recognize, utilize and promote the potential among employees.

Leadership the RITE Way

Acquire the understanding of how to build an organization culture that’s supportive, engaging and productive by understanding the perceptual, institutional, and psychological factors that impact the ways people interact with each other.

Diversity and Inclusion: Beyond Compliance to Competitive Advantage

The management of diversity and inclusion is no longer an exercise focused on compliance. It has evolved to a strategic – level practice that yields a measurable positive impact across silos. Companies that strive for both diversity and inclusion are achieving optimum results. They prove that diversity and inclusion are much more than a legal or moral requirement; they’re also a competitive advantage. Examine the management of diversity and inclusion with an eye on maximum-integrated diversity practices. Identify need and opportunity for inclusion, and align inclusion to improve employee engagement and business results. Determine methods to assess the effectiveness of inclusion initiative.

How Practising Personal Reflection & Mindfulness Can ELEVATE your Life & Leadership

Learn the art and receive the tools to maximize your personal and leadership effectiveness through the practice of personal reflection and mindfulness. This interactive session will equip you with the hands-on skills to have reflective insights into your values, disposition and learnt behaviors through personal reflections and shared deliberations with your peers. Teas/Coffee & Personal Learning Journal included

The Principles & Practices Of ELEVATED Leadership

ELEVATED Leadership Training provides leaders with the information tools and resources to: Identify and examine your leadership disposition/style and how to optimize it to achieve your personal and professional goals. Identify and utilize best practices to establish your personal and professional culture of wellness, engagement, inspiration and excellence. Inspire open and effective communication, collaboration and creativity. Achieve your Personal BEST and in so doing maximize your full potential, productivity, and that of your team.

How To Increase Mental Wellness Using Personal Reflection and Mindfulness

Reduce stress & anxiety Improve clarity Increase productivity Achieve goals

common questions

Yes.  Our affiliate program will be launching very soon.  Be  a part of the ELEVATE team and raise your income while raising a positive attitude for yourself and others.

Yes you can.  Simply contact us to complete an application with pertinent information about your company and mode of distribution or reselling.

Yes.  the ELEVATE line can be found at the following fine retail locations.
  • Signor Angelo
  • ELEVATE in The 6ix

I am happy to  provide an opportunity for not-for-rofitoganization to get funds for their invaluabe  contribution to society and our greater good through my STRONG Fundraising program.

TEA & TALK is an activity that allows individuals to share their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in a way that encourages heartfelt discussion.  It’s engaging, enlightening and entertaining.

ELEVATED Conversations is a gathering that allows individuals to share their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in a way that encourages heartfelt discussion.  It’s engaging, enlightening and entertaining.

Yes Training and licensing opportunities are available?

Yes, all members get full access to all past calls in our video archive.

Membership is $45 per month, but billed every 3 months. (to be finished)

Yes, I am available for both speaking engagements and workshops on any the topics covered in the academy. All VIP Members get preferred rates on speaking engagements and workshops. Simple fill out out booking form on the contact page and someone from the team will reach out to discuss the details of the vent with you. 

Absolutely, simple sign up for our FREE membership and get access to our words to live by library and much more.

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