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I had the privilege of being raised by Mama, my grandma, Hyacinth Patterson, who  always said ‘accept only the best from yourself and inspire the same in others.’  I have committed myself to doing just that by living and sharing the 7 practices she taught me to SUCCEED, and have done so successfully for over 30 years, with thousands of my clients.    It is my profound honour to share these with you though the development of your mindfulness, self-reflection and conversations skills.

Thank you for allowing me into your space, head and heart and the opportunity to be a part of your ELEVATED Living.

Stay ELEVATED and live in your excellence.

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Live in Your Excellence 

Design & Live Your ELEVATED Life

so you can look, feel and be your best self…

Planner:  Annual, daily, monthly and weekly life management system.

 Set your goals, design your day, stay organized, and optimize your personal effectiveness for success.

Journal prompts to organize and manage your life, reduce your stress, enhance your relationships and mental health, boost your personal growth so you can live in your excellence and  be your best self.

  • Delicious 100 % natural SB ELEVATED Tea with thoughtfully curated motivational messages. They prompt personal reflections and support mindful living.
  • Weekly Tea and Talk topics to facilitate deep personal reflections and personal growth.
  • Monthly ELEVATED Conversations to enhance critical thinking, communication and conversation skills.

  BONUSES (Valued at $150.00)

  • Planner Design & Personal Management Consultation  ($95.00 value)
  • Complimentary Signature Sampler Teas with curated messages to nourish the body and nurture your mind. ($30.00 value)
  • Complimentary Mindfulness Exercises to reduce your stress, improve  focus, memory, and clarity.  ($25.00 value)
  • Complimentary Affirmation Cards:  Build your confidence and boost your self-esteem. ($25.00 value)

Stay Motivated to Live in Your Excellence

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common questions

Yes.  Our affiliate program will be launching very soon.  Be  a part of the ELEVATE team and raise your income while raising a positive attitude for yourself and others.

Yes you can.  Simply contact us to complete an application with pertinent information about your company and mode of distribution or reselling.

Yes.  the ELEVATE line can be found at the following fine retail locations.
  • Signor Angelo
  • ELEVATE in The 6ix

I am happy to  provide an opportunity for not-for-rofitoganization to get funds for their invaluabe  contribution to society and our greater good through my STRONG Fundraising program.

TEA & TALK is an activity that allows individuals to share their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in a way that encourages heartfelt discussion.  It’s engaging, enlightening and entertaining.

ELEVATED Conversations is a gathering that allows individuals to share their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in a way that encourages heartfelt discussion.  It’s engaging, enlightening and entertaining.

Yes Training and licensing opportunities are available?

Yes, all members get full access to all past calls in our video archive.

Membership is $45 per month, but billed every 3 months. (to be finished)

Yes, I am available for both speaking engagements and workshops on any the topics covered in the academy. All VIP Members get preferred rates on speaking engagements and workshops. Simple fill out out booking form on the contact page and someone from the team will reach out to discuss the details of the vent with you. 

Absolutely, simple sign up for our FREE membership and get access to our words to live by library and much more.

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